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We're a locally owned and operated tour company based in the South Island, New Zealand. With us, you'll

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Heaven for Thrill Seekers

We've scoured the countryside for NZ's best experiences and bundled them into some epic tour packages. From an all inclusive 15-day experience to a more budget friendly or fully customised tour - we've got you covered.

The Freedom to Customise

Cheeky Kea Tours is putting people back in charge of their own New Zealand experience. With us, YOU run the show. We're just here to guide you on the best damn holiday you've ever had! And trust us when we say we know our beautiful country well. Whether you're after an adrenaline pumping adventure or a relaxed guided tour of our natural wonders; we know exactly where to go.

Saving you money with free inclusions...

Travel doesn't have to cost the Earth! So when you're touring with Cheeky Kea, expect a whole lot of free inclusions.

We've got your back when it comes to classic Kiwi meals and snacks. Don't be surprised if we stop off in a remote town and shout you some fish and chips or a kiwi favourite - pies!

You'll have access to free WiFi too! So you can brag about your adventures on Instagram and check in with your loved ones back home.


Forget about reaching into your wallet every time you're keen to explore on a kayak or bike because we take those along with us, for you to use as often as you like at no extra cost.  

Yup, we meant it when we said you'd See More, Do More, Spend Less!

our guests have spoken...

Penny Sparrow

I organized a girls winery trip for my birthday. Was a great day of exploring the beautiful North Canterbury Wineries. Wine tastings and the platter lunch at Waipara Springs was excellent. Great value and a great day.

Collette Raven Witt

I cannot recommend Cheeky Kea Tours enough. If you’re reading this review, you’re probably already aware of how beautiful the South Island is going to be, and this tour will absolutely take you to the must-see destinations. But here’s why Cheeky Kea Tours will be the best choice for your South Island adventure:

Cheeky Kea Tours takes out only small tour groups. Not being on a huge bus with dozens of people allowed us to be more flexible with our time. Every day didn’t have to start at 7 am and every stop didn’t have to be made. The small group size also made it easier to build relationships within our tour. Within a few days, I didn’t feel that I was exploring the island with other tourists, but rather with really close friends

Becca Worsham

Cheeky Kea Tours feels like having a friend show you all the best spots in their hometown, except instead, you’re shown the entire South Island. Cheeky Kea Tours didn’t just show me the best of the South Island, though. It grew to also give me a group of friends, some of whom I’ve already traveled to see again.
Jesse, founder of Cheeky Kea Tours, was like the big brother of our group, making sure we had the full New Zealand experience. He bought everyone classic Kiwi meals and took us to spots we couldn’t have found without him as tourists. I was actually surprised by how many extra treats we were given free of charge. Those, along with free breakfast and accommodation, really helped financially. With only 6 of us, it was a much more intimate, friend-based feeling than your average tour

Weston Witt

I did the 15 day South Island tour in December 2018, and I loved it. It was the perfect amount of time to see everything and not feel overwhelmed by it. The sights that I was taken to were so amazing. My favorite part was exploring Milford Sound on a cruise, getting so close to waterfalls was an unforgettable experience.

The atmosphere Cheeky Kea Tours creates allows you to be comfortable with being yourself. Being in a small group made it even better, I was able to hang out with others or do things on my own whenever I wanted.

I had a great holiday with Cheeky Kea Tours, I highly recommend it be the only company you choose to explore New Zealand.

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