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Touring isn't just a job for us, it's a lifestyle! We are local, we are fun and we love adventure, so who better to guide you on your epic South Island adventure tour than us!?


We love this tour! Hand-picked activities on the most breathtaking route you could ever imagine.

Join our 15-day Epic South Island adventure and our awesome guides will show you why New Zealand is a hot bucket list destination. There are loads included in this package but if you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

Whether you want our full South Island adventure package or a shorter experience - we've got you covered.

We have an adventure package to suit EVERYONE!

Epic South Island adventure tours


Christchurch to Christchurch


Christchurch to Queenstown


Christchurch to Picton

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Want even more?!

Don't forget to check our amazing deals on activities! We know it sounds impossible, but you can make your holidays even better!

Shades of Gray

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The Art of Dress

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Sand Dunes

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Body Movement

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Desert Life

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Color Me Pink

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Can't find what you are looking for?

We are sorry to hear that none of the options above are the perfect fit for you! But, not everything is lost! We would like to introduce our Wing-it tours. These are fully customisable tours so we can make your dreams come true! Want a longer trip? Or maybe you want to add a couple more locations? We can make it happen!