Our People

To put it simply, we are 100% kiwi as!

Simple, uncomplicated, jandal-wearing and easy-going crew who love having fun just as much as you do.

We enjoy our little slice of paradise and we want to share it with some awesome people from around the world.


Our Country

What can we say about New Zealand that you don’t already know… It’s absolutely fantastic! The landscapes, the adventure, the people (*cough, cough*)… We are incredibly lucky to call this place home and we want to keep it in the best shape possible for all to enjoy. We are committed to being the most environmentally friendly and sustainable tour bus company in the country.


Your Experience

When it comes to combining your adventurous spirit with New Zealand’s breathtaking sceneries, we’ve perfectioned it!  It’s no secret that New Zealand is well-known for its adventure. We want a chance to push your limits and show you what New Zealand is all about!

We love our country, we cherish our people and we value your experience.


Why us?

Simple! We’ve made our research and we know our stuff. We may not be specialists in physics, but the South Island is our thing!

With us, you run the show. Yes, you read it right! Our small tour groups allow us to make stops whenever and wherever you want. We are to help you have a trip you won't forget!

Whether you’re travelling by yourself, as a couple, or in a group, we have the bus and the guides for you. We are people just like you, who want to show everything New Zealand has to offer in our own unique Kiwi way.


See More, Do More, Spend Less

Cheeky Kea Tours is experience-driven, and our aim is to showcase New Zealand to the world, one tour at a time.

On our tours you will:

  • See more, with our bus time kept to an absolute minimum. We want you to spend as much time as possible at the best attractions, including destinations only locals know of; 

  • Do more, we have awesome activities included in our packages. Kayaks, bikes, wine tasting, and a Milford Sound cruise are just a few of the free perks we include;

  • Spend less, we want you to have the time of your life without compromising on comfort, your wallet or experience. We’ve packed our tours full of fun and excitement, and our prices are still lower than our competitors.



We care deeply about our environment. We have been lucky enough to travel around and see all the beauty our planet has to offer, but we have also seen the ugly side of tourism. We are conscious of the effect tourism can have on our landscapes, so we do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We believe that if we all make our part, we can make a difference (wow! cliché much?)! That's why we are 100% committed to becoming leaders in sustainable tourism here in NZ.  

So what are we doing about this?

  • We've reduced our paper usage to a minimum. Let's be honest: 99% of the time we don't need to have it on paper, a nice CHEEKY pdf is more than enough when it's well prepared.

  • We don't use plastic bags. We use reusable bags for our shopping or compostable alternatives for rubbish.

  • Our cleaning products are plant-based and not tested on animals.

  • We collaborated with brands with purposes! We know we can do everything on our own, so we try to collaborate with like-minded companies to reduce the environmental impact on our tours.

  • You can join us! Every seat on our tours comes with a complimentary sustainability pack so you can start your environmentally-friendly journey!

We are not perfect and we are not pretending to be. But are we researching and educating ourselves to be better every day. So far, so good?

For more on what we do to help reduce our carbon footprint, please check out the Sustainability+ section.


A brand with a purpose!

My name is Jesse and I'm the first member of the Cheeky Kea family. Being born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand definitely has its advantages! Growing up, I spent most of my time surfing and as I grew older, traveling became a part of me. I've been lucky enough to experience NZ and all its beauty for years so it's only fair I share my acquired knowledge with you. So, years later, here we are!

This amazing story started with a simple idea at our favorite spot, Kaikoura.

I created Cheeky Kea because I want to achieve 2 things:

  • Give tourists what they deserve: The best holiday possible without compromising their wallets or comfort;

  • Take care of our beautiful country and keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

We, the Cheeky Kea fam, want to leave a mark in the world and we want to do it differently. So be a part of our journey!

our beloved kea.jpg

The Kea

Our precious kea is a large, strong-flying, beautiful olive-green parrot with scarlet underwings and a slender grey-black bill.

They are one of three parrot species that evolved in isolation over millions of years, playing an important role as alpine seed distributors and ‘cleaners’ and are highly valued as one of the most intelligent bird species in the world, just like us locals [*cough cough*].

Kea can solve logical puzzles, such as pushing and pulling things in a certain order to get to food and will work together to achieve a certain objective. They even have been filmed preparing and using tools. Amazing, isn't it?!

They are a unique and, sadly, endangered parrot species endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. That's why we've decided that for every seat booked with Cheeky Kea Tours, we'll donate $20 to the Kea Conservation Trust, in support of the incredible work they do towards the preservation of our treasured Kea.